Entrepreneurship is like falling in love

some people embark on the road of entrepreneurship because of frustration, some people choose to start their own business because of their love, each person choose to start the business of different reasons and goals, the attitude towards entrepreneurship will naturally be different. In fact, entrepreneurship is like falling in love, has a similar purpose, a similar process, by contrast, we can easily find the common ground.

: a dynamic similarity

entrepreneurial peace talks can inspire people’s motivation, but also need to promote the development of power. When the loss of power, love will enter the crisis, the venture will be transferred to underestimate.



entrepreneurial peace talks can not be smooth sailing, the need for careful planning, careful care, continuous reflection, in this process will often encounter a crisis, adhere to the results.

three: focus on the similarities

entrepreneurship and love, like, have to focus on a particular project, dedicated to the pursuit of a love is the guarantee of success. At the same time, the pursuit of a number of projects in a number of hesitant and want to be sure that all can not grasp.

four: similarity values

love dreams of entrepreneurs dream of a harmonious union lasting a hundred years, a hundred years old, the two values agree without prior without previous consultation.

as a comparison, that is not really very similar? Of course, love a lot of people are very experienced, but entrepreneurial experience is not everyone has. I believe a lot of people have had the experience of love, but not entrepreneurship, therefore, will be set up shop than a love, may be more helpful to guide entrepreneurship.


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