The beautiful scenery of her age entrepreneurial venture circle Killing with Kindness

era of innovation and entrepreneurship to collar is also the era of her era of entrepreneurship to lead, in the entrepreneurial circles, her era, this unique entrepreneurial strength, is a unique style line. When it comes to women entrepreneurial advantage, four words: Killing with Kindness.

] / theme of helping

to train and promote the activities of entrepreneurial atmosphere

Deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Women’s Federation and

[space] public record

Lam public record space general manager Li Rui told reporters, the public record space is based on nearly 20 years of experience in the occupation training schools run by you, mainly including hair, makeup, flower arranging, housekeeping services, marketing, e-commerce and other skills training to promote employment and entrepreneurship, proficiency in a particular line.

about features, with particular reference to the letter Li Rui Si gliclazide


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