The game story throughout the Tsinghua student innovation

college students entrepreneurship has now become a social trend, at the same time when many college students graduate from the school of business will choose this road, there are also some students who get rich entrepreneurial success.

After graduating from

, Liu Zheceng has worked in the travel card and Zynga, respectively, and Mobile Games game design. Although the work of the two companies are not long, but he was very fruitful. On the one hand, Liu Zhe expanded his network, after the entrepreneurial path for the talent reserve. But more importantly, the two work experience helped him to sum up a set of game prototyping methodology. This set of price and emotional satisfaction, data feedback, brain analysis of multiple factors based on the methodological innovation of the core gameplay in security and also greatly reduced the risk of innovation, and accompanied by the iterative update of new products are constantly improved, still in use.

own add more expansive space is "innovation", but the road of entrepreneurship hardships is self-evident. The soul of the world’s top three products covering banners, cards, and other types of strategies, and strive to break through and get some recognition in the gameplay, but its market performance is just passable. Followed by the survival of the company to maintain the financial pressure on the rise, but Liu Zhe was always optimistic about the situation at that time. Facts have proved that this optimism is not blind optimism, but based on the absolute confidence in the quality of innovation. In fully summarizes the experience and lessons before the three products, the soul of the world developed fourth models become the masterpiece of "heaven" recommended


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