Want to succeed in business to listen to failure

What is the best way to prepare

business will be more chance of winning it? Here, Ma Yun told us to listen to the success of learning, less to listen to failure, this is why? Let me make a small series of people together to look at it!

"I don’t think I am ashamed, because everyone will make mistakes, mistakes is not shame, not admit their mistakes are a shame. Today, Alibaba dare to go on, because we have made so many mistakes, this is our greatest wealth. Never put on the key Ever-victorious general position, all the bosses here remember, those people who fail in an important position, because experienced people who fail to know what is success. No Ever-victorious general, Ever-victorious general died badly, I checked the biggest officer surnamed Ma, Ma Su, was to kill Zhu Geliang. So people can succeed only if they make mistakes."

this time on the "wrong" in the understanding of the term, Ma on the floor, he put this theory to the use of talent. It reminds us of a standard to the risk of investors, the industry has an unwritten rule, a venture capitalist’s most valuable, not your success, but your failure experience, experienced failure will be more successful.

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