Venture to open a small Popcorn Shop to make money fast

when more and more people choose self employment, a large number of small and medium-sized investors business with a small capital project has become the first choice of entrepreneurial projects. In the rise of a variety of snack food, for the hands may be less than 10000 yuan or even less than 10000 yuan of funds for the sake of it, have you ever thought about everyone loves popcorn business? How about the popcorn shop? Business with a small capital, unlimited potential!

first, venture popcorn popcorn business investment analysis

produced a popcorn preparation of about 1000 yuan, including heating device, pressure cooker; if the soil equipment is cheaper, only a spherical iron pot, a small fire can be completely by the manual workshop, cost hundreds of yuan; the microwave oven is about 700 yuan; the shop rent (area 5 the first phase of 750 yuan square meters); other miscellaneous expenses about 1500 yuan. Total cost of opening 3000 yuan -3880 yuan.

two, entrepreneurial popcorn shop open shop choice

The location of

popcorn, the best place is near the bus station and the middle school and primary school, followed by the next to the cinema, market, traffic and shopping center.

three, entrepreneurial explosion popcorn shop layout

popcorn flower shop area of about 5-7 square meters. The shop decorated with gleaming yellow rice, the popcorn and similar color, contrast each other. The lights in the shop should be bright, the owner is best to wear the color of the beige uniforms, in order to achieve harmony with the decorative color.

close to the street can be placed in a small shelf, packaged popcorn placed on the shelves of the most conspicuous place. It is best to set a fan or fan in the shop, let the sweet smell of popcorn scattered, fresh fragrance is the signs to attract customers. Make and sell popcorn, and weekends and holidays are the most popular business, in addition, increased significantly every year winter, the summer students shopping, popcorn sales will be very prosperous, the operator should purchase sufficient raw materials, in order to cope with the increasing demand made.

generally, small trading is to the market is not guaranteed, try to avoid the backlog, popcorn is no exception. But the operator can not be too conservative, only in store operations, you can with a grocery store, grocery store, bakery shop or small traders consultation nearby let them consignment popcorn, divided by the proportion of income. In this way, you expand the market, sales also increased, although profits have decreased, but sales growth will offset this effect.

is a kind of leisure food puffed popcorn, quality is crisp, easy to digest, eat some does not hurt the stomach, the main varieties of rice flower, flowers, yellow popcorn, sorghum, wheat and rice flower flower Tofu pudding etc.. Put sugar on the surface


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