Open shop shop for toys to win success

a business can be successful is worthy of envy and admiration, but most of the entrepreneurial story is tortuous. Li Yuee, for example. The 30 year old Li Yuee on the road of business is striking one snag after another. She worked in Guangzhou for many years, the initial small business is done from the Guangzhou Baiyun district. Later opened a toy store, although the product is good, but the business is not good.

2005 fall, Li Yuee where the company approached to the emerging toy brand a company in Guangzhou, the main building blocks, puzzles, Transformers and other educational toys, educational toys when she felt good for both young and old, is a good small business direction, so he took out his years of savings to purchase, in Baiyun District a a large community next opened a fashionable toy store.

although the microscopic location is good, but Li Yuee did not expect that, in the wholesale market, where the Baiyun District, his mid-range educational toys belong to the high not low on the category. Remote control car toys also, high-end shopping malls selling four hundred or five hundred yuan, less than two hundred yuan own store, but because the brand awareness is not enough to attract the attention of consumers of high-end consumers and the general, you can buy cheap toys in the wholesale market, as a comparison, Li Yuee the toys in the shop is relatively expensive.

business for half a year, Li Yuee’s business is always in a state of "chicken ribs". After much thought, she finally see the crux of the problem: the business can not do it, after all is the location problem, if the shop moved to Guangzhou more prosperous Beijing Road, to find the target customer groups, educational toys natural buchoumai.

however, a small business white-collar, which have money to shop on the road to Beijing, Li Yuee wondering again, think of hometown Hunan Chenzhou develops very fast in recent years, the downtown also built like Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, the street brand shops, business is booming, and the rent is Guangzhou a lot of low. So, it is better to go back home to start a business.

later, Li Yuee immediately make an on-the-spot investigation, found a pedestrian street two floor shopping mall in Hunan Chenzhou, Chenzhou here is not only worthy of the name "Beijing road", but also adjacent to the emerging community several large population density, the geographical position is richly endowed by nature.

because there is a new shopping mall, businesses need to rent for the store is very low, 15 square meters of pavement, rent only one thousand yuan, but Li Yuee thought: the shop is too small, the children walk side play toys is not convenient, remote control cars don’t run too far, affect the overall image. Finally, she chose a more than and 40 square meters of shops, the rent is about $3000. Later, Li Yuee went to Guangzhou to shop top hand to relatives, with a new product top hand fees and the value of several million yuan to 10 thousand yuan officially stationed in Chenzhou, and held the opening ceremony open up a fresh outlook. >


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