Wang Yuzhen’s three point rule

how to make their own business in the shop fire, which is a question every owner needs to think about. And some shopkeepers in unremitting efforts, have found their own business rules, and the store has a very big help. The protagonist Wang Yuzhen is so, with the "three little" operating rules, the business is fast.

Taishan Road East of

Wang Yuzhen’s shop is located in the Wuqiao county city relatively remote, daily necessities mainly engaged in tobacco and non-staple food, daily necessaries and other residents. There are several residential areas near the village, the village of new residential units, more than and 500 households. Ordinarily these shops operating every family use of household goods, store business should be very prosperous. However, every light of her customers shop customers are numbered, many goods sold tepid, commom;cynical, daily business customers more than one thousand yuan can not.

this is a nasty Wang Yuzhen. Through the conversation and the nearby residence, carefully observe the residential characteristics of the purchase, Wang Yuzhen found that the crux of the problem is that, although many residents of the community, but most of the small shops nearby residents are lack of trust, rather than long ran large supermarket to buy things, rather than to buy goods. Over time, residents have formed their own unique set of buyers.

in view of this situation, Wang Yuzhen think, how to make customers willing to change their shopping habits, went into the shop? Finally, she developed a "start from the details, with the truth to impress customers" business philosophy, and the implementation of the "three little, pour customer dedication" action.

warm and thoughtful, treat customers a little better

warm and thoughtful, customer first is a basic standard of professional ethics in the retail service industry, should be integrated into the retail customer service awareness, throughout the entire process of business services. People into the store shopping map is comfortable, valued service attitude. The customer is not a fool, who is really good for them, such as their heart like a mirror. Therefore, customers often choose those to warm and thoughtful hospitality, smiling shop. In order to let customers into their stores can have a warm, warm feeling, Wang Yuzhen put the customer into the store with a smiling, smiling face to send greetings. Don’t go and compete for customers, win or lose, consciously put forward the opportunity "to the customer.

at the same time, in order to increase the probability of the customer into the store, she took two convenience measures: first, free deposit custody items. Nearby residents within the district and there is often a need to temporarily store items, especially some young people love online shopping, there are often some residents of the courier company to send parcels and other items. Many customers due to work during the day, no one at home, the need for temporary receipt, storage.



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