There is no crazy subsidies for small and medium enterprises to take what to take away O2O

takeaway O2O industry is developing rapidly, burn do businesses became takeaway O2O businessmen make money trump, this is the industry giant "secret weapon", then the small and medium enterprises entrepreneurs how to deus ex in the takeaway O2O battlefield in the absence of subsidies?

2015 is the most powerful takeaway O2O rush of the year, the U.S. group, hungry, Amoy little, Baidu takeaway giant in order to win the market against opponents have joined the army of "burning", from the beginning of September last year, a U.S. monthly subsidy of nearly 200 million yuan, 600 million yuan subsidy for 3 months. Hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao has said that the subsidies are hungry for three to four months, the monthly subsidy costs about $one hundred million".

from the intensive financing speed and huge amount of financing ability, but also from the side to a takeaway burn. Baidu takeaway in May last year on the line, the implementation of just minus 6 yuan activities from August 18th onwards, that users use Baidu takeaway (including PC and mobile terminal) were ordering, you can enjoy the original price minus 6 yuan benefits. Amoy little in February last year, Tencent and public comment marriage occasion, let the recruitment service provider in the 20 national city, the pre subsidy billion yuan, accelerate the popularization of Amoy little throughout the meal and the merchants.

help home is a lazy meal with WeChat music takeaway (convenience store) to build the platform, Sun Yancai believes that the home can help lazy people survive in the fierce competition, mainly by virtue of two points, one is based on the community, community as a unit of the subdivision of the market, according to the different attributes of each community the use of different promotion strategies, crush one by one.


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