The new measures to punish Zhengzhou Laolai owed maximum penalty wages 200 thousand

China’s large number of migrant workers, the majority of migrant workers out of work every year, earn hard-earned money for the city’s infrastructure construction, contribute their own strength. However, many of the black units, but has been in arrears of wages for migrant workers. In the face of Laolai act this way, take new measures to punish Zhengzhou Laolai ", the maximum penalty owed workers wages 200 thousand, see who can not give migrant workers hard-earned money.

arrears of wages in the construction unit will be pulled black

yesterday, the Zhengzhou construction market management regulations after the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress passed, submitted to the provincial people’s Congress for consideration. Fan Qiang, deputy director of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress, the construction of the new situation, new problems, need to be standardized by local legislation.

regulations specifically for the arrears of wages of migrant workers to do the provisions of the construction of the general contracting unit should be located in the project where the bank opened a special wage account, through the special account to pay wages to the workers. The construction unit shall allocate funds to the special account for wages according to the progress of the project. If the account opening bank finds that the fund is insufficient or misappropriated, it shall promptly report to the competent administrative department for urban and rural construction or other relevant departments.

violation of these regulations, urban and rural construction administrative departments will be ordered to correct within a time limit. Overdue correction, more than 100 thousand yuan fine of less than 200 thousand yuan. Arrears of wages in the construction unit and the employer in addition to being fined, credit files will be black".

within one year, the province rectification fire hazards 2 million 141 thousand

fire hazards in our province know how much? Yesterday, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee held a meeting on the review of the "People’s Republic of China fire protection law" and "Henan province fire regulations" to implement the report. Since July last year, the province to urge the rectification of fire hazards 2 million 141 thousand, according to the law closed down, the illegal units seized 1.2, administrative detention of 12 thousand people, a fine of $110 million.

deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Duan Xizhong introduction, from April to July this year, the Provincial Standing Committee law enforcement inspection team focused on Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, Shangqiu, Yongcheng, Luyi and Zhoukou four city two counties (city) were examined.

law enforcement team found in the inspection, the basic level of the fire prevention work is still relatively weak, there are still a lot of fire hazards, fire safety situation is still grim. The first half of this year, the province has found all kinds of fire hazards 191192, 11740 are currently no rectification, especially there are major hazards 36 provincial supervise the handling of the rectification in place yet.


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