Free water warm

, I believe many people have such experience, work out, no matter how cold the heat, thirst is usually drink mineral water, want to drink hot water is not easy. However, go out to work, passing a bus station next to the shop, far to see the shop window with a "shop to provide free boiling water.". Are engaged in the operation of this line, for the practice of others I usually pay attention to other people’s good marketing strategy I will learn from, so I went into the store to find out exactly what.

into the shop, see the door there is a common stainless steel automatic water supply and heating water heater. To observe the location and layout, pipeline installation of the water heater can see, the water heater is not a temporary decoration, but not really to curry favour by claptrap, helping people. This conversation with the boss. In his view, his shop next to the bus station, there are seven or eight bus lines to stop the bus here, waiting for a lot of people in the car.

especially some foreign tourists, they carry a cup, to be added; there are some students, sanitation workers also carry a cup, here can provide them with free water. "Although the water is free, the water heater is not a day of electricity consumption, we can afford to, with the convenience of people, with their own convenience." The boss said, from the publicity, with this free service, no matter who came in to buy water to buy things, they have to stop here, the store can also have a preliminary understanding.

The boss of

‘s words, I am so inspired by. The boss can be regarded as a wise operator, the use of their own special location of the shop, playing love cards, people full of gratitude and admiration. His behavior is worthy of our consideration: each store more or less have their own advantages, although in different locations with different customers, but is the same, the people are good, you are willing to lend a helping hand, others will be willing to hand to you.

such a free service is undoubtedly warm, so no doubt can bring more praise to the shop. And have seen such a sign – "we are willing to change for you". In daily operations, to shop for the change is not uncommon, but because the newcomers do not buy anything, we refuse to use a variety of excuses. So, the smart operators to see this phenomenon, they played warmth card, causing people’s attention. In fact, can not change is not a problem, the problem is that we did not want to do.


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