12 zodiac business analysis

Chinese people tend to pay more attention to the zodiac, whether it is married, or have children, will come to count, then you thought, entrepreneurship will believe this? Which career suits the zodiac? Here, Xiaobian to give you a big analysis of the 12 zodiac!

for Industry: service industry, tourism, public relations, business.     recommended items: car family car wash service, Yierxiangwu flavoring, vivaki station.

for Industry: accountants, real estate, construction, designer.

for Industry: Press, decoration, flower shop, wood.     recommended projects: Department of building materials, crystal stone and rich baum.

for Industry: aquatic products, cold drinks, furniture, stationery, bookstore, vegetarian restaurant.     recommended items: Spers ice cream, prodigy student supplies, grain food square.

for Industry: beauty industry, flower shop, jewelry shop. &>


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