How to join the abalone abalone feed

full name abalone abalone feed meal, listen to the name you will have one kind of energetic feeling, as his name suggests, this is a can let the people involved in the food and beverage brands, Xiaobian I believe will be able to attract people’s attention consumption.

universal abalone material strong attack, so that consumers can not help but praise. Abalone abalone abalone with the health of the role of health care, selection of good abalone, abalone meat delicate, high nutritional value, is a valuable ingredient. The three abalone juice abalone meal meet the different ages of consumers, for the elderly, middle-aged and young children, there are different taste, universal abalone feed three abalone juice meal, injected fresh blood for the fast food market. Abalone three abalone sauce since the sale of food in the market, it has been well received by consumers, in the industry has accumulated a good reputation, consumption potential, is a good food to join the project. How to join the national abalone


abalone abalone feed to join the current process:

1, can be online QQ, the message of the way to consult the project.

2, you can visit the headquarters, according to the intention to apply for the book to join the book, and then with the whole abalone abalone abalone juice three to join the headquarters to join the franchise contract.

3, headquarters will be unified store design decoration, to help franchisees do shop ready.

4, the headquarters will join the business training and set up shop guidance, so that no one can join the franchisee’s professional business philosophy, successful business.

5, headquarters will be sent to store operations guidance, at the beginning of the business to help franchisees.

universal abalone access conditions:

1, with the confidence and courage to invest in entrepreneurship.

2, can provide legal identification, and more than 18 years of age.

3, be able to learn and accept new ideas, and manage the store through processes and standards.

4, have a good sense of cooperation, I believe teamwork can be successful.

5, able to devote themselves to the business, to face the challenges of management.

6, recognized the development trend of the food and beverage industry, with the confidence and enthusiasm to invest in the restaurant industry.

7, capable of performing and in accordance with the Easthigh group management system Sheng catering business.


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