Can we see the rainbow after the rain, perseverance, eventually into the 1 million years

" business " the word is always accompanied by the wealth, money, but who do not know, start on the road is full of ups and downs, is full of thorns, had just graduated supercilious, passionate heart is not in, but fortunately for the hearts of the ideal, the mediocrity of the mentality is still supporting his pace, walking in the thorns on the way.

if there is no SARS my way along the direction of occupation managers may have been down, but five months after the SARS that I aborted the part-time job in advance (because the school should be closed). We start at the beginning of 2004 is relatively free practice this time, is to have graduated only get the graduation certificate, looking for a job, the rise of this, I also started their own confusion, how to go after the rise, family economy is not allowed, looking for a job? When a few hundred dollars a month wages can be based on the city, then I think of my part-time life, since I can do so good to others why not work for themselves? Independent "entrepreneurship" at that time very few graduates will choose this way, experience, funds, project graduates is difficult to cross the ridge, of course, I also have to face the problem, but that part-time experiences I quickly solve the problem of the two projects and experience, I learned one hundred kinds of mode of operation drink this tea making and leisure at the time, no other first-time entrepreneurs must first choose their own familiar with the industry, so easy to use. But the biggest problem for me is money


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