Grain buns join details

health needs of mass consumption makes many catering industry in the transformation of the time did not forget to integrate health elements, we all know that the health food grain grain health square grain powder, but now you have not thought about, the traditional diet and health elements of modern health will be derived from compatible what kind of consumer goods? You see the grain buns can meet your requirements.

grain bakery grain bun is Valley dependent food chain Limited by Share Ltd’s flagship brand, by the Hongkong International Wealth Management Consultants Limited core team operation. Devoted to the research and development of grain snacks and beverage production, advocate green, healthy and scientific concept of leading national revolution "breakfast diet".

company to produce grain snacks and drinks as the carrier, improve the national physique of the great revolution, bringing millions of entrepreneurs realize self value, realize the dream of becoming millionaires. Product features: all products can be customized.

handmade professional production of the first brand

grain bakery grain buns selected cereals as main raw materials, scientific collocation, in the most healthy "steam" method for the production process, to maximize the retention of grain nutrients, which has therapeutic effect. In the production of products on the way of continuous innovation, a wide variety of shapes, to achieve the product "color", "Xiang" and "taste" a high degree of coordination, and strive to make every customer in the best sense of enjoyment while getting health.

grain buns join the eight support / free shop

advertising support marketing programs to support a full range of training support store design support

mode of operation to support the supervision and store support for new technology development support for regional protection

grain buns joined in support of

1. to give regional brand licensing, regional franchise fee for one-time brand authorization

2, contract period of two years, no longer need to sign up to join the franchise fee

3, the contract does not renew the contract, no breach of contract, the full refund of the contract deposit interest free

4, headquarters unified distribution products, unified price, unified packaging

5, the use of a unified POS system, unified store decoration, unified propaganda image, such as

6, headquarters to provide product posters, reference template

Yilabao, display, leaflets and other promotional materials


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