By reading the three countries in the entrepreneurial marketing

a good entrepreneur, must be a very focused on marketing people. From ancient to modern times, there are many historical figures are good at marketing, entrepreneurs can learn to carry out marketing from these historical stories. For example, Song Jiang, Liu Bei who, or can learn a lot of useful. And Liu Bei is especially good at moving the way to achieve the object of persuasion and the trust of his subordinates. This article is to share this article is how to do the marketing of Liu Bei.

although Liu Bei did not have too much nor the number of Wulue, Wentao, also some hypocrisy, but he understands the true meaning of "moving marketing". With his marketing moved to win a number of men and women with high ideals for his desperate battlefield, he won the local old people’s love, to win 1/3 of the world.

In the case of

Three of friends know

Liu Bei another acclaimed, the characteristics of moving people is rather numerous lost his wife and children, to bring the brothers and the people. This is typical of the selfless and self sacrificing! The well-known brothers such as brothers, women, such as clothing is evident. But standing in today’s perspective, these are more proof of Liu Bei’s selfishness, in his heart, never took his wife seriously. Because of him, these people are worthless, is the most important thing in his life. The brothers to help him battle the enemy, people can become the foundation of his wife’s career, what is the use? You can not marry! Just like this one in today’s unforgiving ruthless generation, is widely praised by the masses of the people, can only explain moved at that time to make the marketing effect is much easier than now.

now throughout the enterprise, to move marketing done in the comparison I think there are two: one is the Haier, in recent years, I have participated in the multi field > Haier


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