Manicure store location should pay attention to the following three points

today, the beauty of the pursuit of fashionable women, has a special liking for Manicure are. In the view of investment advisers, Manicure stores the location of important distribution in three aspects. Is a mature business circle, such as the The Garden Hotel area: that lots of customers are generally white-collar workers to the shop from, so Manicure itself requirements will be relatively high, such as the demolition of the repair shop staff grade of the technical standards and service attitude.

but rather is the service price will be relatively high, and the white-collar consumer demand is a big trend, the pursuit of high-end is their logo is the fruit of this Manicure store can be a little bit more.

Third types of

select locations I think are some of the more mature residential area. We are in the market Manicure, selection in the district which is rare, but beauty is very much.

Manicure for open shop where? The area inside the flow is relatively small, and back and forth are those people, so the form of your consumer group co.. But also a small area of strengths, such as consumer groups is relatively stable, a guest with loyal guests will be more and more! So choose small shop operation method can refer to some beauty club.

1 13 days, the reporter visited the city’s Manicure shop found that Manicure shop early in the morning has a Manicure shop have said that the current Manicure has gradually entered the peak period, the price is expected to start in January 20th.



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