Tianjin college entrance examination 2016 important reminder

how many years of studying hard, the wait is this moment, and got a good result, if the voluntary reporting misconduct, perhaps missed the good time to fill, there may be so many years of effort into East water, so, if you want to fill a good school, also need to have with more understanding of the college entrance examination. And recently, Tianjin not only announced the 2016 college entrance examination to fill a variety of attention, but also an important reminder, I hope the majority of candidates and parents attention.

in recent years, enrollment in Colleges and universities, enrollment fraud occurs. Some criminals are using the Internet to publish false information, posing as staff of college admissions, fabricating "internal targets" "directional plan", claiming that as long as you can pay to achieve "low high record", the implementation of fraud.

some criminals deliberately confuse ordinary college enrollment and self-study exam, adult college entrance examination, online education and other different types of admissions, admission notice deceive students and parents take the self-study class, network education class; some criminals posing as military authorities or admissions Department staff, boast forces internal indicators, forged documents, entice candidates and parents.

Tianjin high admissions remind students and parents: all admissions fraud is to get money for the purpose, must handle their own "pocket". The city’s college admissions work will strictly comply with the provisions of the Ministry of education, the implementation of the sunshine project, strictly abide by the Ministry of education, the 26 may ban the implementation of enrollment.

enrollment institutions in addition to tuition fees, accommodation and related learning costs, will not charge any fees for admission to the candidates. Students and parents to be vigilant about admissions policies and related information through formal legal channels, not luck, hearsay, so as not to be deceived, suffered mental and property loss.

according to the work schedule, city high admissions focus on the interpretation of the two batch of undergraduate and above each batch of voluntary reporting policy measures, rules, procedures and precautions. At the end of July, the candidates to fill the three batch of undergraduate and higher vocational colleges batch volunteer, city high admissions will continue to interpret the relevant policies for the majority of candidates and their parents, for the majority of candidates selected for the scientific ideal of their own, to realize the dream of studies.

because of the college entrance examination for countless Chinese candidates is too important, because of this, many candidates will be particularly vulnerable to deception. For this reason, Tianjin will release an important reminder, hoping to arouse the attention of the majority of candidates and parents.

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