The ten men’s brand ranking


is different from the female crazy shopping desire, but in the current era, men’s shoes market brand of the same lot, it brought to the selection. Some people love men’s design simplicity is not simple, some people love low-key luxury connotation, different shoes brands are insisting upon their own style and characteristics, the following Xiaobian summarized ten men’s brand ranking, see which men’s brand can make you more satisfied?

men’s ten brands list: AOKANG AOKANG


AOKANG group is a private enterprise with more than 1 billion yuan of assets, with leather shoes as its main business, and involved in real estate, business development, bio pharmaceuticals, financial investment. The company has more than 10 thousand employees, has a production base of the three, the first international production lines, with an annual output of leather shoes, about 10000000 pairs of shoes, with a total of more than and 30. In the country set up more than and 30 provincial branches, more than 2 thousand chain stores, shop in the middle of the more than and 800 stores. In Italy, Spain, the United States, Japan set up a foreign branch.

men’s ten brands list: NO.2 CAMEL


camel shoes with California original leather, the Wall Street in New York, the most popular style design, fine cut, with handmade shoes world-famous camel, fashion and leisure, noble and elegant, beautiful and comfortable. Camel brand casual shoes in China, adhering to the traditional style of the United States, combined with the domestic situation, designed by a professional designer, in order to simple, smooth, stylish design style, the use of the United States Shoe manufacturing seiko.

men’s ten brands list: yelikon YEARCON


yelikon innovation every step, are deeply branded with the mark of love. As a leader in sales of brand shoes, yelikon spare no effort to give high-quality fashion products and attentive service, with thousands on thousands of consumers establish a bond of love, sincere mutual trust each other. Yi’erkang brand promise — "good love", is yelikon of future expectations and desire, is also of leather shoes, the brand yelikon on the expression of love, consumers are more is the best interpretation of the "yelikon" three words.

men’s ten brands list: NO.4 Red Dragonfly RED DRAGONFLY

Red Dragonfly Group Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production and sales of "Red Dragonfly" brand shoes and leather goods, apparel industry, non Regional Enterprise Group has also invested in Wenzhou commercial bank, Yongjia Hengsheng rural banks and other financial institutions in one. Red Dragonfly brand was founded in 1995, Zhejiang Red Dragonfly shoes Limited by Share Ltd belongs to red dragonfly group. Create a sense of history


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