Wenzhou shoe industry development caused by small enlightenment

With the rapid development of

clothing industry, the footwear industry is constantly faced with layers of crisis, but people will continue to explore, to explore how to develop, how to go on, let us in the development of Wenzhou shoe to see this kind of industry market, learn from it.

affected by climate and other factors, Longwan footwear industry "quite general domestic performance". According to the Longwan Footwear Association of 191 member companies of the relevant statistics, the majority of enterprise production equipment is not enough, the production of off-season from June in previous years to advance to this year’s May.

two increases the cost of production. Among them, the staff wages, welfare, labor costs rose more than 20%, the price of raw materials rose more than 15%, plus rent and utilities, oil prices, the rising cost of funds this year, Longwan footwear production costs rose about 30% sum.

three decline in corporate profits. At present, the majority of footwear enterprises in the region adhere to the production and operation of small profits, some enterprises even the loss of operating losses, only a few profitable enterprises. According to the analysis of Longwan Footwear Association, the main reason is the sharp rise in production costs, product prices are subject to market competition to increase lead to serious squeeze, squeeze the profits of the enterprise space; secondly, is affected by the exchange rate and interest rate effect; third, Longwan tax department of factory area Yongqiang universal tax, in accordance with the shoe last year consumption and consumption of raw materials by investigation of yield and output value of the shoe factory, the standardized management of the gradual implementation of tax object, the area of small and medium-sized shoe factory Yongqiang less open VAT invoice is greatly reduced, the value-added tax paid last year this year, so many companies now in the macroeconomic environment tight situation, part of the profits to pay taxes.

four foreign trade production haoyuwangnian. Longwan shoes industry association secretary Cai Yanjiong told reporters, Longwan shoe trade orders this year than in previous years, the main reason is the government guidance of the Pearl River Delta area changes, some enterprises orders Guangzhou to transfer to the area of Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Taizhou and Wenling is an important turning.


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