Yinzhou district market authority issued measures to promote investment

is now in some areas of the investment, and can be said to be the local government support and foster efforts are inseparable, at the same time, in order to better development of the region, some city governments also actively formulate policies conducive to business development.

in order to boost economic development of Yinzhou District, Yinzhou district service investment work, Yinzhou market supervisory authority from its start, continue to strengthen investment work sense of responsibility and urgency, give full play to the functions and advantages, and actively take measures to carry out investment activities.

A) to strengthen leadership, strengthen the responsibility. Yinzhou district market supervision and Administration Bureau has been the work of investment as a global priority in the work of heavy, high class, love a layer. Around the Yinzhou region and the opening of investment of the overall situation, the overall situation of investment fully mobilize the enthusiasm, formed a grab the lead, leaders in charge of specific work of the investment pattern, and will undertake the investment task decomposition of the layers, the responsibilities to the people, group policy group, to promote the project.

two) take measures to enhance the level of service. Combined with the characteristics of their own work, starting from reality, to enhance the level of service, to do their own image, to create a good atmosphere for investment, enhance the cohesion of foreign investment. At the same time strengthen with the intention of investment company, arrange for docking, the service of lump sum investment enterprises, coordination procedures, production and operation of solving contradiction.

three) into the enterprise, to ensure the implementation of the project. To intensify the research on the investment work, to grasp the dynamic enterprise, active contact with the investment enterprises, timely find the existing problems in the development of enterprises, help enterprises solve problems, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project investment.


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