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watching the screen when you have not used Youku? This occupies a large proportion in the video industry is the network video we have known, so there are a few people know about Youku CEO Victor Koo Youku now originally created in the process? Today Xiaobian detailed introduce Youku Koo is how to start.

14 leaving home at the age of

owes money to the boss venture

14 years old, Koo went to Australia to finish high school there. "At that time, there are several places to choose from, my parents let me choose, they always respect my own will. When I was small, I think the natural environment of Australia, the United States, fewer people, there are a lot of lovely animals, chose there. In my sophomore year, my family moved to the United states."

the experience is almost similar and students of that era, after graduation, entered the Koo Bain consulting, and under funded company in Standford finished his MBA, "the idea of entrepreneurship should be at that time some of it," Koo said, from the beginning of the first semester, students divided into group of 6 people to discuss business problems, are catching up with several new terms "became popular, email, Internet, Netscape Co", "I had to do is locate their occupation and investment related matters, and Chinese related things." China’s Internet business has quietly started popular.

now, Koo has been in the business of the road farther and farther, but think of the initial decision, he still felt a little crazy. "I was in the company’s funding to read MBA, one of the conditions is to have to go back to work after reading ah, but I was already in mind the idea of returning home". Then there is only one way to pay liquidated damages to the original company, "tens of thousands of dollars, and now think much, then I suddenly get it out," Gu Yongqiang said, fortunately, he joined the company promised to help him for a part of these arrears, to stay on after work from his salary deduct monthly, "it was not what wealthy senior foreign invested enterprises".

A cup of coffee with Sohu

peak again venture

Gu Yongqiang really deep understanding of the Internet industry, from the date he joined Sohu. Speaking with Koo and Sohu and its founder Zhang Zhaoyang, the Internet industry has more than one version of the legend, the most magical one, after they had a cup of coffee and the other party immediately decided to become business partners. In fact, there is no such legend, "Koo recalled that in August 1998 he was vice president of investment, every day at the Beijing international hotel to meet all kinds of entrepreneurs looking for investment, while Zhang Zhaoyang is next to the Guanghua Changan building manufacturing Sohu. One day in Beijing international recommendation


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