Alone in a foreign entrepreneurs with innovative pioneer in pain

has a book called "the world is flat". Indeed, in the Internet and the increasingly rapid development of transportation, the market has been upgraded from the nationalization of globalization. Many entrepreneurs choose to go to other countries to work hard, become a unique foreign entrepreneurs.

"immigration and refugees are often regarded as a negative phenomenon, it is our duty to turn people’s thinking. They are like birds, to explore the world, to find a better place." Last year, Mirela , Sula left his native country and came to London, england. She was one of Albania’s largest Journal of management, in the UK this year she completed a doctorate in psychology, founded the "migrant women" and "women of the world" the two magazines, women entrepreneurs to help refugees.

"marginal man" innovation

These immigrants and refugees

"and the higher proportion of Immigrant Entrepreneurship, 1/5 of our technology innovation company is founded by immigrants." Talking about entrepreneurship, Mirela full of enthusiasm, she even cited the example of Jobs, an immigrant from Syria. "Over the past year, 14% of all UK businesses have been created by immigrants," he said. In the United States, the figure is 40%."

immigration as "marginal people" innovation ability should not be underestimated. "In the original traditional culture strong place is often a bondage, immigrants are entering into a strange society, can not find the original traditional foundation in the new environment, they lost the original frame, can stimulate the creativity." A long-term study of Zhejiang scholars to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter cited several examples: a few years ago, some Zhejiang textile business to Africa, and local chiefs have a very good relationship, they found that there is rich in natural resources, and it is very necessary to take domestic minerals, to tens of thousands of square kilometers of mining right. There are a number of projects in Africa had made the state-owned enterprise workers, found that local African land is fertile, very suitable for vegetables, the local demand is very strong, the family emigrated in the past to grow vegetables, get very high returns.

also has many foreigners choose to China entrepreneurship.


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