How to take the road of Su Ning O2O

Su Ning’s O2O is considered to be O2O who can not understand, very few people can understand him. We all feel that they are rich in resources, they also feel a great advantage, but it seems always force is not allowed, a lot of action so that we do not understand. In fact, Suning is rich in resources, is indeed a great advantage, comprehensive layout, direction does not have what problem, just a little, as if the center of gravity slightly, so that their steps are always gives us a feeling of drifting. Why do you say that? Let’s ask a few questions:

the first question: what is your first impression of Suning O2O?

is not the "online price"?

also based in Nanjing Suguo supermarket, Zhejiang is the largest retail group, its retail business has six kinds, even can be further divided into eight kinds of formats, including community stores, supermarkets, shops and so on, when they met, had heated discussion about a problem: the same package smoke, in different formats, whether to distinguish between different prices?

the problem discussed at the meeting is very fierce. To distinguish between the price that we each format provides different services, of course, have the difference, even the community convenience store, that is to provide a convenient ah; adhere to the price that distinguish price, will bring bad shopping experience, how can the same product is not the same price? Consumers will not buy cheap? Performance also how fair assessment?

What is

the end result?

distinguish price:

my cost is not the same, not the same service, what will give you the same price? Where you buy it is your power, no matter what you choose, we are welcome.

back to Suning, Suning, do you think it is necessary to make the same price? This problem, we do not argue, Suguo cases are just for your reference, but the price is Suning bring competitive


this strategy in the foreign price is normal, Suning to study overseas, why not?


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