Find their own position to find their own direction

learn to know yourself, a topic that we really need to think about your own position, only to find their own direction, is often hard for some people to recognize their own easy to lose yourself, but this is probably to come.

If I according to the professional to consider employment, I may be a translator, a teacher or other English class occupation. My English is good, my first thought is to be a translator. Good income, but also my favorite english. But the first article was down, I find it so difficult to translate. First of all, translation is a very lonely life. I turn the manuscript has more than 19 thousand words, philosophical papers. From morning to night, often stay up all night, day and night turn. The only episode is a small gap in the middle of the dictionary, and the dictionary is not a local search, but a lot of the local search, select the correct meaning. There is no one to talk to you, not your entertainment, has been transformed into a high-end machine translation, fatigue, loneliness, cervical pain, bursts of screaming swept, I wiped out on the computer, the Internet that point of interest. I want to exchange, I feel I kill myself, if it is read. I will have depression. Secondly, the translation is difficult, difficult in its special. It is good to learn English, but it is not special for translation. English is a language, a carrier, not a content


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