Taobao to join the ranks of celebrities to sell you buy it

spend money with celebrities to eat a meal, chat, may be time is money, the most intuitive expression.

, for example, has begun to rise from $18 thousand to $2 million 340 thousand this year, starting with Buffett’s first auction lunch. Of course, many anxious with Warren for advice, we are easy to learn (and money) of the Chinese entrepreneurs.

recently, Taobao’s auction platform "auction" decided to join the ranks of "sell", also do "celebrity auction time: July 28th," and Le Jia chat in Beijing tea 1 hours "the opportunity by Taobao to 1 yuan price sale. At the beginning of the auction in the first minutes, there are 25 people began to "drive up prices", prices quickly increased to 30 thousand yuan. By the end of the 22 day of the auction, the final bidder to spend about $1 for the past 206 thousand hours.


this activity in the Taobao master, the actual and not too high exposure, but instead of a lot of people from a circle of friends Html 5 pages are attracted to the past. An understanding of the working member of Taobao planning activities to "curiosity daily" said that although the Html 5 is the theme of "WeChat chat" with Le Jia, but is actually two employees to design their own Taobao deployed, Le Jia’s attitude is also more open, allowing the team to do a lot of fun content set.


200 thousand is to drink tea, expensive? In fact, in the previous another celebrity auction activities, fashion group chief editor Su Ling’s meeting time of 1 hours, was photographed more than $300 thousand. Count down, her "worth" than the 2014 double 12 when Lin Chiling (15 minutes to meet the opportunity of 50 thousand yuan) is also high.


"auction" to "curiosity daily" said, "selling celebrity" is a public welfare project, the auction proceeds money, deduct tax, management fee and project management fees, Le Jia will represent all of the public to participate in the auction of the auction will be donated to the public, the balance of cooperation projects. Auction celebrities will also become Taobao auction fixed "show" on a weekly basis. In the latter part of the plan, just joined Ali music Gao Xiaosong and Song Ke will be listed".

we have introduced a professional "sell" the entrepreneurial projects "in the shell", you can in the above all about not so big, but you may have more confusion indeed help professionals, the price is relatively cheap. In this product, we can see the previous fire over a burst of skill exchange shadow, but also found that about 300 times to meet in the end is expensive or cheap confusion.

but for some people who just want to meet and chat with celebrities, the price may not be too much to consider the issue.


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