Tap the power of small sites

has been advocating ROI (ROI) of the traditional business of the eyes, the Internet has become a new media platform can produce value, and how to use a large number of small and medium-sized websites to achieve good marketing results, has become the problems to be solved in the next step of marketing. A clear intention of the site alliance, has become a very important model.


domestic online advertising alliance T2C general manager Dan Jun told reporters, "from the network marketing alliance in the past, now the aggregation of small brand marketing website traffic no longer CPA (each behavior cost) as the main way of price strategy, because the brand is more emphasis on communication effect rather than marketing results, the effective exposure of the target population it is these advertisers really want to achieve. When we further analysis of the advertising side of the marketing strategy, found that the main body of the exposure is creative, and creative advertising in the Internet marketing activities, often in two points: advertising and click on the page."


T2C will define such marketing model for T2C Branding, which focuses on the website more than and 20 million various types of how to effectively organize T2C’s cross platform brand publicity, in the implementation process, the two most critical step is to launch strategy and creative performance. T2C technology through the integration of different orientation, including geographical orientation, content oriented and user behavior orientation, to achieve a relatively efficient target user arrival rate, thus providing the possibility for advertisers to implement the online dissemination of accurate.


Samsung mobile phone is a good case. In the first quarter of 2007, Samsung mobile phones launched a new marketing program based on content implants. Korean drama "Palace", through the use of mobile TV characters to the brand and product information communicated to the target audience. At the same time, the online part of the marketing of the project put forward a clear demand: I hope that through technical means to achieve the content of advertising creative love Korean dramas and Korean pop culture audience. In the process of implementing this project, T2C on the Samsung mobile phone all of the creative ideas made up of video advertising. Content oriented strategy of T2C accurately to the creative advertising on the Internet for the very content, most of which are small, with a strong personal website, more than the traditional marketing mode of comprehensive portal several times and click effect and economic cost, effectively proved brand polymerization is a very high degree of investment return means. In addition to Samsung mobile phones, it also provides support for Dopod, KIA, OLYMPUS, Volkswagen, Davidoff and many other brands of advertising programs.


look at the single Jun, the way the network advertising alliance, not only for the majority of brand advertisers to find the opportunity to find blue ocean, but also to promote the rapid growth of the majority of small and medium sites. The grass roots of the Internet and the rigor of the advertising industry share this


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