Discussion on the profit model of medical health websites through the special topic forum

P the house of friendship is the first forum website that I set up six years of groundless talk, so I am feeling a lot.

currently online health websites, the basic form of health, health, rest assured 39 Sohu 120, Xunyiwenyao, the good doctor, ikang first group website, the medical and health category occupy 80% of total traffic, some sections of the vertical portal segments although not compared with the comprehensive website, but due to the strong positioning precision also, by professional advertisers favor, it is worth noting that some professional website is the background of the advertising company or exhibition company rather than professional organizations or hospitals usually, and my P friends home is based on a local hospital and the establishment, the target group is Chinese in patients with psoriasis.

can be divided into four categories through our analysis of the current health website:

comprehensive health information based Sohu health and 39 health.

to guide medical medicine mainly assured 120, xunyiwenyao.

to medical professional knowledge, pharmaceutical market, good for doctors, medical professionals and.

based on the main line of the health network, health china.

the doctor, medical websites, is rapidly expanding, accelerate the establishment of local sector, want to reserve the local medical resources are integrated in the great ambition.

the first category of general staff size is large, the cost of management is quite high, and because there is no obvious difference between the sites, can be copied, of course, the premise is to have a very rich investors to invest. This kind of website profit mainly comes from the brand advertisement and the activity cooperation.

second site test, users self-service disease online consulting platform, can provide guidance for the diagnosis of common diseases, it is not convenient for medical treatment or to meet the medical needs of patients; his core pillar is expert group, once the consultation is answered, popularity will rapidly decline, so many sites have invited experts to pay or simply accept private hospital advertising, let the private hospital doctors to answer the question, the hospital paid for natural to pull the patient, as a cure, has basically been a mainstream model, and a growing trend, which is not conducive to the development of medical websites.

third class specifically for medical professionals to provide them with relevant professional learning, education and training information, usually have a large collection of professional medical personnel exchanges forum, most visitors are junior doctors or quasi resident. The main profit model is to sell advertising to professional enterprises or e-commerce, charging member services, such as

Fourth types of

through the website to communicate with customers and provide the service lines, such as ikang net can be in the online booking examination, registration and other health care products, health Chinese provide membership sales, this website has great potential, as long as the market is good.

it seems that the health of the health of the site’s profit model needs to consider the first service


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