The store is how to make the perfect big customer service – Taobao customer service

science and technology innovation, network development, the way we do business has changed, from the rise of Alibaba, to set up Jingdong to mall listing, the term e-commerce has also been more and more people are familiar with.


As the originator of

, China business threshold is low, a simple a lot to the development of the electricity supplier of choice. Then, how to occupy a space for one person in this shop countless of, become a successful seller? Net to push the small series of recommendations: first step, is to do service work, now, would like to share with you the years of Taobao customer service experience.

as a perfect Taobao customer service step is what is software?! you may ask, chat software? official software not Ali Wangwang? What?, is Ali Wangwang chat software, now we believe, not without QQ, as we all know, QQ software has been continue to update, with QQ updates, new features also came into being, Ali Wangwang is the same.

with the software upgrade, the function is also increasing. So in order to facilitate the use of customer service, we do not recommend frequent updates to the software that Ali Wangwang, are not familiar with, it is easy to cause the error, resulting in unnecessary consequences. Then revealed to the new home a little secret, the current version of Ali Wangwang 2014 seller has many loopholes, it is very inconvenient, suggest that we still continue to use the 2013 edition.

second, learn to refuse to bargain. Most of the time, the seller himself is clear that a single business can earn some money, but those who meet the Lions big openings customers, it will lose money. So the customer, we will stand firm, is a beginning that the shop refused to bargain. But for some customers, so please just love a little cheaper, we can use the store, marketing strategy, for example, if the customer wants cheaper, we first introduced him to buy reward, if still not satisfied, we can let customers learn to use gold coins worth money, or to reduce a fraction. In short, a good customer service, must learn to refuse to bargain.


third, be careful and patient. Taobao customer service is different from face to face marketing is another way to sell, so we should learn to use carefully, patience to try to figure out the customer’s mind. In the Taobao marketing, not timely dialogue, online chat, so that customers will be given enough time to think, to find your flaws, so, in order to avoid the flaw, quick to learn, quick at the same time, be patient customers try to figure out, understand her mind.

when the customer payment take goods is not Everything will be fine.?! remember, this is the most important step, can avoid much trouble later. The last step, check the receiving address. In so many years


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