Video website marketing road

is well known in recent years in addition to happy network SNS advertisers are hot, the future development of the video site is also one of the hot topics of the recent hot topics. Just to join a top domestic video website in senior marketing manager, not in a long time to give me the feeling is more profound, so here to brief video website marketing planning experience with comprehensive Internet marketing planning plus before long work experience to talk about my video website marketing the market of some personal views and opinions, not to place also please do not hesitate to point out and forgive.

first, I would like to start with the positioning of the video site, because advertisers in the choice of media, the media will be the primary factor. In terms of video content network media at present, a network television, video sharing, original video release, download, online watch high-definition video content, and the force is relatively large network television and video sharing site two, the other because of copyright issues and investment costs within a short time is difficult to have a big what as. The nature of the media is essentially different from the nature of the site in the end to to B or to C. After a good solution to the to C, in order to truly solve the to B, that is, to make money from C to start on the basis of B. How to use the website content, speed, UI, function settings, user experience, viscosity mechanism and many other aspects to locate or shape their own network media image. I personally feel very good, only the completion of the current user needs, and are full of expectations and judgment on the future development of the Internet technology and user development and use of the environment, to create a to B or both to media network platform C are excellent.

marketing positioning. All the media in the hearts of the user has a clear positioning, in addition to the main marketing area, there are also one or more clear positioning. For example, the Tencent can positioning himself as the "most users" and "active participation" and "product line can be multi pronged" of the media, Sina would be "the most influential media portal site, Baidu is" the most affinity, the most close to the PR value, with super "Internet products etc.. As a mature video website should be how to locate? Video media in China is relatively late emergence of the Internet, when the Internet hot period most of the site is to be used with newspapers and magazines in contrast, now most of the Internet media have been put off compared with the traditional media. Facts have proved that the emergence of the Internet did not let the radio, television and newspapers as people think of the blow to die, but the traditional media more carefully operating their own core strengths and core characteristics. Why do video sites to take the initiative to do a comparison with the TV, docking it? A lot of video sites trying to grab the share of the TV, and even the form of sales and television to save the same way. I remember many years ago when I heard in the training of the world’s most famous research data company AC Nelson, an interactive high-level lectures, he said the original Nelson brothers with cpm>


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