Baidu Shanghai R & D center set up to push the Aladdin platform program

[Sohu IT news] (text / thunder) in December 18th, Baidu Shanghai R & D center was established, while Baidu announced the implementation of the Aladdin platform program".

according to the introduction of Baidu CTO Li Yinan, Baidu has 2000 core engineers, more than 1000 people into the existing "Aladdin development platform", while in Shanghai R & D center after the establishment of R & D to join this platform.


Robin Li and


Baidu CTO Li Yinan

Baidu said that now there are a large number of Internet Hidden Web (dark) exists. It is precisely because of the existence of Hidden Web, the current search engine to search for information is only a small part of all human information, a lot of information is still in the unknown world.

Baidu Aladdin platform launched, it is in order to solve the search engine can not grab the amount of search dark network information.

Li Yinan said, "how will the known and unknown information fusion into the category of knowledge be arranged orderly, we can, and accurate delivery for the majority of Internet users to provide zero cost, no barriers, no difference, is the largest ever challenge we face in technology."

Aladdin platform has also been the industry believes that Baidu is developing the next generation search engine". Li Yinan said that since the advent of Baidu, although the simple web page has been used so far, but the search engine has undergone earth shaking changes. Aladdin platform is also an inevitable stage of the development of Baidu, Baidu will do better.

This is

, Baidu CTO, technical genius Li Yinan joined Baidu after the media "debut", he will also outline the blueprint for the development of Baidu technology.

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