Taobao die Ma flicker when

recently, the Alibaba has become the focus of the media, from the third party payment to Premier Ma Yundi to visit Alibaba, the so-called authority named the world’s fourth smart CEO, Ali halo ring after ring. In the industry view, this is not what the news is, Abba until today’s status, in addition to the hype and publicity work ability not strong, however, as the saying goes, the big tree will always wind, gun fight bird, Ali, Taobao also recently in a big trouble.


13 at noon, gathered in Hangzhou, the seller played protest Taobao banner

Taobao today for the adjustment of the search rules by seller and responded to the collective protest, said the search ranking is adjusted for the vast number of consumers, sellers and the market environment, Taobao will not be stopped due to hit the minority interests opposition.

it is understood that today many sellers from around the country gathered in Hangzhou, to say to Taobao for. Among them, the seller is also in the name of the seller of Zhejiang, the name, played a severe protest Taobao 7.8 new rules system banner.

in fact, in my opinion, is a normal thing, from the first day Ma Taobao began, he did not bring you so small sellers take into account the interests of the original, so you need is good publicity, otherwise how could accumulate so much popularity in a short time, how to accumulate so many members in such a short time? Taobao only one objective, that is to make money, the merchant business, does anyone who is more aloof, Ma is the same. How can a smart businessman do lose money trading, only one purpose, to reach the purpose or not to be divulged, the deeper reason, when the visibility and the amount of Taobao users to a certain extent, Ma finally reveal, can make the launch of Taobao mall, at least for small sellers, because the relationship with the mall the sellers compete, then continued to raise the threshold to the end almost refused to give you the entrance of Taobao, so no one to visit your web site, you can’t survive it? So, a large number of Ma afraid sell disappear? This question is a bit ridiculous, now Taobao in the industry have been so a great reputation and brand, for such small sellers has almost no effect on his profit, that is to say, the use of the large and medium-sized sellers to increase the popularity and visibility of the objective has been reached To the next, is to have no re-use value of people to clear out, this is Ma, China’s first big flicker.

so, often listen to what Ma said how small and medium-sized enterprises, in fact we all know, now the small and medium-sized enterprise Alibaba Yisifumu, so the horse often flicker of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to survive what should be the first priority, you should put the sales channels to the Alibaba, you should not play the brand, you must adhere to the Alibaba once, small and medium-sized enterprises have their own brand, naturally have their own channels, then the role of the Alibaba.


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