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On the Google search "Alexa", the results of simplified Chinese more than 70 thousand. Now, Alexa ranking has been the most common word of the website of the mouth of the word. So, why is this Alexa? It is what makes the domestic website look? Alexa what little-known secrets? The reporter through in-depth investigation and interviews, trying to restore a true Alexa for readers, many of which information is disclosed for the first time in the media.

sell Alexa

wrote this topic, the reporter also afraid of the defect, reflect even on the survey interview, set the puzzle to the reporter website, help a friend told reporters, and reporters themselves, to Alexa into a great passion, in a sense, we are also in the common Alexa for sale".

a few days ago, Beijing has just released a weekly "China commercial websites 100" list, of course, the list itself is not "commercial" flavor, but the introduction of some websites, the media has also cited another ranking data to illustrate the value of the website, this is "Chinese commercial website list of" top 100 citation ranking is "third party assessment: the United States Alexa" world famous global rankings. Of course, the media on the Alexa rankings cited, nothing more than to illustrate its "China’s top 100 commercial sites" ranking authority. And another "authority" to establish their own "authority", it is clear that the media to another authority – Alexa rankings recognition.

Alexa who is


April 1996, Alexa was founded in the United States, when it was just a small site, mainly to do classification navigation. At that time, many sites are YAHOO’s Fans, Alexa is just one of the many followers. But Alexa also has some of its own technology, is to visit a Web site traffic statistics and analysis. Later, Alexa also provides users with their own search engine development services.

in July 1997, Alexa released a software, now known as Alexa Toolbar (Alexa tool), which is embedded into an Microsoft IE browser tool, when users visit each Web page to send a string of Alexa code, the relevant information the browse information and the user will see told Alexa. the websites of all web sites in the world ranking information in the sidebar, of course, this is only given by the Alexa website ranking.

1999, Alexa was acquired by the U.S. e-commerce flagship company Amazon to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the latter.

in the spring of 2002, Alexa gave up his search engine and turned to Google. Google Web crawling program all over the world


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