How to effectively improve the conversion rate of medical network marketing

in front of the introduction, the general introduction of my more than a year of medical network marketing experience. A complete marketing is to include the promotion and transformation of two parts. Promotion is like net, net can spread much, according to your promotion strength to decide. But have you wanted to fishing nets, fish, but caught a net starfish, then this is a failure, that is to say no to play the role of promotion. In the promotion of a certain degree of strength, the conversion rate determines the quality of marketing. A perfect marketing should be aimed at the target user groups and seize the user psychology to effectively complete the conversion rate.

How to effectively improve the conversion rate of

is a very deep knowledge, not only the medical website, other industries as well. A clothes store shop every day visitors 500 people, don’t order light around, are of no use. Here, we talked about the user experience. The medical website, or private medical website, the marketing process usually is this: first to make a website with an air of importance through the optimization and promotion, and the means of publicity out, then attract patients access through instant messaging software to click with the communication with the patients, and complete the marketing. Then we can see through this process is divided into two stages: one is to optimize the promotion, the two is to communicate with patients. Since the user is the patient to click on the hospital web site, indicating that the user has basically recognized your organization, that is to say the rest is how to make the appointment of the patient. After the patient visit website, if it is to bid by Baidu or long tail keywords (words more, these two are usually small scale medical institutions in medical sites is even more so), will first confirm that this is what the website of the hospital, what are the experts what honor, doctor is convenient, how to cure rate. These are the final decision whether the patient will have a direct cause of communication with the site.


said earlier, the construction site is included in website promotion, that is to say at the beginning of this website at the initial stage of the construction should be included in the marketing elements, including detailed introduction, expert hospital and hospital environment, the pictures clearly show some pictures of the instrument and so on. These relate to the page layout, in addition to the "F" type arrangement important module, other modules should be clear, at least let patients have a "I want to see what will find what" feeling, otherwise the patient is often impatient, turn left. Do not test with patience, because we do is medical institutions, not the monopoly enterprise portal station, in the fierce competition today, you were pushed to push to peers, which is very unfavorable for word-of-mouth marketing.

a lot of medical websites will adopt the business software, or TQ instant messaging software. The benefits of this software is that there is no limitation, unlike QQ or MSN and other accounts need to be able to chat. There are many ways to use, usually a web site will have a pop-up window, ask whether the dialogue, and then the site is also full of the software >


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