Adsense will start the 2010 Best domain name DC service provider selection

April 15th news, the fifth annual meeting of China’s Internet host in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel held in May 29, 2010. The annual meeting of the "self change crossover practice green growth" as the theme, the conference by Comsenz (Comsenz) and laggards ( jointly organized. Currently, as an important part of the annual event, the 2010 Best domain name IDC service provider selection activities were officially launched this morning.

in the past 2009, the survival of China’s Internet Banking Group has been the general concern of the community and the media. Especially in the interests of the Internet industry chain, IDC, domain name service providers have always been closely related to the interests of the owners. In the face of the pressure of the owners of the group, who can provide the best service, who is the highest price, who is the favorite IDC, domain name service provider, which, the most powerful right to choose the right answer.

in addition, the annual meeting will also be involved in the online participation of users and webmasters, selected the most popular 2010 year series of products and services.

at that time hundreds of Internet companies, telecom operators, IDC service providers, as well as well-known domestic and foreign security vendors attended the meeting to discuss the new situation of Internet information security and IDC industry development path. The excellent domain name IDC service provider selection activities officially launched today, will vote for the majority of the way through the online recommendation of more professional service providers.

it is understood that in addition to the 2010 outstanding domain IDC service provider selection activities, the organizers of the efforts, "and I will be writing activities with the" 2010 most owners welcome the Internet tools contest has officially started 2010 days before, Chinese local site selection activities, excellent advertising selection and other related activities recently will be officially launched.

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