2015 BAT concentrated firepower to play O2O, three how to play

After the

mobile Internet, China’s Internet appeared two differentiation, there is a wave of penetration into the traditional and the real industry, to the line, that is, O2O. In the O2O direction, BAT seems to have formed a tacit understanding, consensus, in concentrated firepower onslaught. Where in 2015 where the three how to play



After the

mobile Internet, Internet Chinese two class differentiation: a wave to make people’s lives more intelligent, intelligent hardware, big data, biological science layout; another is infiltrated into the traditional industry and entities, to the line, namely O2O. In the intelligent, Baidu cloud platform actively explore cutting-edge technology, Ali began the layout of the business ecosystem, the Tencent in a wait state; and in the O2O direction, BAT seems to have formed a tacit understanding and consensus, in concentrated firepower onslaught. Where in 2015 where the three how to play


O2O war ushered in the four major changes into the Second World War

three hegemony, competitive situation more complex

2014 O2O war was the most impressive is the war around the payment of the war and the battle around the map investment. Ali and Tencent around the national taxi subsidy war like a raging fire, the two sides also conducted investment entity business line and core is to do the payment.

, Ali acquisition of High German Tencent investment NavInfo, were padded short board LBS basic data. In this process, Baidu continues to move slow, at their own pace to fight this battle, the first half of the launch of Baidu purse, improve the payment system; the second half pound Baidu launched a direct number, to help traditional companies to embrace the Internet, has formed a "mobile phone Baidu + direct number + Baidu wallet O2O game. Baidu maps and Baidu Nuomi will continue to rival wrestling, is another wing of the Baidu O2O. It can be predicted that after 2014 fire reconnaissance and Paibingbuzhen, 2015 kingdoms battle will be more intense and complex.

infrastructure is no longer the focus of PK, has become an essential

2014 PK focus is on the payment, maps and other infrastructure, we are trying to push their own mobile payments, LBS business, to lay the foundation for different industries O2O business. Now pay and the ability to map this is not a BAT three in any of the short board, but the necessary capacity. So in 2015 O2O war more focus to the application level, in order to pay subsidies for taxi this special style should not appear, only O2O application of real utility may be BAT off, such as catering, tourism, beauty and community service.

and the traditional industry with the birth of star projects to fruition

is the most mature O2O business to buy, in 2014 the phenomenon appeared in the O2O business is only a taxi App. On the Internet and tradition


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