Mobile e-commerce into a hot UCWEB to accept Alibaba investment

[China] reported the latest news, June 3rd UCWEB (UCWEB) officially announced a strategic investment group has formally accepted the Alibaba, Morningside investment LIAN sources a total of three institutions. At the same time, UCWEB and Alibaba will jointly carry out strategic cooperation at various levels, together to build a leading mobile e-commerce platform.

UCWEB company CEO Yu Yongfu said: thanks to the three investors to support the development of UCWEB and certainly. UCWEB will be more in-depth cooperation with Alibaba group’s company, which will effectively enhance the UCWEB user experience, so that UC Browser service to increase the reliability of the mobile e-commerce services. At the same time, UCWEB will be more open to seek more excellent partners with the Internet to expand strategic cooperation, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of China Mobile’s internet." As for the amount of investment and the proportion of the three strategic investors, is not yet known. There were rumors of the amount of investment of $73 million, but the news has not been officially confirmed.

UCWEB relevant person in charge also pointed out: according to the agreement signed by the two sides, UCWEB management is still holding absolute control, Alibaba will not participate in the operation and management of UCWEB.

Alibaba CEO Ma said: Alibaba Group believes that the mobile Internet has immeasurable prospects. We are very recognized UCWEB’s development strategy and great value, and ultimately choose UCWEB as our most important strategic partner in the field of mobile internet."

, Morningside investment partner Liu Qin LIAN ceyuan partner Zhao Weiguo also said: "the two investment institutions since 2007 investment in UCWEB, this is certainly a great investment together again, for the past few years UCWEB development achievements, but also have great confidence in the prospects for the future."


UCWEB was founded in 2004, with the help of mobile phone users more convenient to the mobile phone Internet mission, UCWEB browser core products function more perfect, as the scope of the current global download and use the software for mobile phone users totaled more than 70 million, the company is also the first Chinese with core technology and complete intellectual property rights in the field of mobile phone browser the company is currently in the mobile browser market has been in the lead.


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