Counterfeit counterfeit and violence scraper, solve the derivative two pain points, back to enjoy th

Abstract: in the back of the platform, only after the audit of the brand can be settled in the business to enjoy the platform, but is free. To a large extent, to prevent the fake and shoddy products, to ensure that the micro business user experience. This is equivalent to the phenomenon of high-quality products moved to the micro business, to ensure that the experience, user trust and experience will greatly enhance


counterfeit counterfeit and violence scraper, this model has been criticized in the past two years.

micro business there is no play?

a word, WeChat’s circle of friends can not play micro business


I think: Yes!

[micro business can be done to change mode]

just a short time ago, I used to write an article about the WeChat model.

The play is about

to the sky like this, companies need to recruit, the sky will pass about position converter, recruitment demand description into young people to accept the description style, and then generate the connection, launch related forwarding share in the WeChat circle of friends.

for example, companies want to hire IOS engineers, the sky is about to generate the recruitment needs, will be pushed to those IOS engineers on the platform, the circle of friends who share.

general, a IOS engineer’s circle of friends, there must be some people with his work and experiences, forwarded by these people, can accurately cover the population, thus greatly improving the recruitment information push the matching degree, realize the socialization of precision of recruitment.

According to the planning horizon to about

, with the continued accumulation of recruitment activities, through large data, the efficiency of these Forwarders were analyzed and calculated, the quality of industry users every circle of friends, so as to adjust their red envelopes to share.

horizon about the convergence with WeChat is very close, red recruitment is based on the WeChat system. According to the sky about a good design, as long as the forwarding, you can get a red envelope, if there is an interview or to the post, the sky will be filled with a good red envelope.

I said at that time, the sky is about to make good use of every registered user WeChat circle of friends, the media value". The value of a person’s circle of friends, can be realized in this way, but also did not expect. And this provides the position information circle of friends to share, not like before taking the same micro scraper inflicts violence, bad experience. Let everyone become red recruitment participants bole, earn a red envelope, the recruitment by participants with high quality and precision of the circle of friends, hire the right people. Take approximately in the middle to earn money, can be said to be a win-win.

such a model can engage, micro business can engage, but need to change the pattern.

[user experience first]

this model is good, yes


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