ndia electricity supplier for market competition crazy burn Wars

NetEase Francisco December 13th message, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that according to a substantial discount sales from mobile phone to intelligent Hindu idols and all other items, the electricity supplier in India to compete for market share has fallen into the crazy burn competition war.

Amazon is face from gaining a strong competition to support global venture capital India local electricity competition, these local rivals include investors, valuation of $15 billion Flipkart Internet Pvt. (hereinafter referred to as "Flipkart"), Jasper Infotech Pvt.’s valuation of $5 billion for the Snapdeal, One97 Communication Ltd.’s Paytm. Among them, Paytm had access to China Alibaba investment.

investment bankers and industry executives said, India’s largest electricity supplier because these are seeking in India the world’s second largest population market competitive advantage, have implemented the discount sales, give delivery subsidy plus in infrastructure and technology investment, leading to their respective tens of millions of dollars per month. These companies have been trying to promote venture capital investment in India online shopping, but now found that the effort is not so easy. According to Goldman Sachs Group, India e-commerce market is expected to reach $11 billion by the end of the year, investors believe that these electricity providers enough to continue the development of the situation in the absence of discount sales.

India is large, but it is very poor, with an annual per capita income of about $1500. Last year, India’s total e-commerce sales of $4 billion, which is equivalent to the United States 4 days of online shopping. However, some electricity supplier executives said they expect the future. India online sales market is growing rapidly, is expected in 2020 online annual sales will reach $60 billion or higher. These electricity providers claim that consumers have to win, because only the maximum survive.

Helion Venture Partners LLC

venture company co-founder · Ashishen; Gupta (Ashish Gupta) said, these electricity suppliers are not listed, some of which will be to acquire other companies, some may also be out of the market. The VC investment in several business website.

some industry executives said that fierce competition in the India market to make this momentum difficult to stop burning. Amazon has missed opportunities in the development of China’s electricity supplier market, the company said last year that it would invest $2 billion to expand its business in the India market. Now, if necessary, Amazon will invest more. Amit · charge Amazon India company; Arja Val (Amit Agarwal) said, "in order to win the market, we will be in accordance with the needs of investment." Analysts expect the number of the company’s monthly burn below $25 million, and last month was as high as 500>


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