Wechat Business! How can she be earning 30 thousand yuan

black millet (WeChat and QQ are: 78119008), WeChat VIP marketing to recruit students, also have half time. And in the past six months, more than 100 VIP students, how do they do? I was not to scold dead? Most of the students, the heart is how to feel like?

with these questions, I randomly with profound respect and humility to try to find some people to understand the situation, it is called, is that I have to accept a.

said to do it, today at noon, they were looking for five VIP students (in the group of more enthusiastic members) to talk about the first. In the middle of two, did not return my message, the other three and I probably chatted for a few minutes. For a few minutes? Because everybody’s busy.

fortunately, the three back to my information, there are two do well, but also a small boast of me, and the other, has to give up micro business. The other two did not reply to my message, otherwise the trumpet is not online, or else I was angry that I cheated the money, the theory is not possible, ha ha ~~~

tonight, said one of the girls, the other two, I followed separate body you "report" to my work, this is to give you a real case, so that the majority of micro friends want to do business, there is a reference.

I find the

MM, is to ask her to do what she said now, always wanted to talk to me, but I have no time to chat with her, look at the picture:


then, she gave me a voice, probably just a few months of her experience and the difficulties encountered recently, see today’s chat at noon,


then she told me what the biggest problem she had was:


actually, after listening to the difficulties she said, I probably know, she met the bottleneck where. In fact, she is not hard enough, she removed one day to eat, sleep, is to see the phone! Can see how serious she is, but she was so, a month to earn 30 thousand!!

the most important point she did not do a good job, is the management (agent) of the problem!

just a word: want to make money, you need to let others help us make money!


I cite a simple example to her, the key point is the successful experience of their own to teach the agent, to his hard work and efforts to listen to the story, let their fans recognized together, and strive to become bigger and stronger



she understands, she’ll do it. Finally, she said


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