Amoy blue ocean store location 22 ways to differentiate with peers

Amoy blue ocean believes that marketing is not the physical value of the sale, but the perceived value, as long as the value of the product to allow consumers to perceive the value of the product changes, to achieve differentiation. So how to locate the precise positioning of the product? The following blue ocean electricity supplier college to learn from the following analysis to you!

1 raw materials and origin

raw materials are especially suitable for cosmetics, can be from the farm rose, such as AFU. There are souvenirs, Jinhua ham, Yunnan vermicelli, Tibetan Plateau Cordyceps sinensis.

2 weight

weight in the eyes of consumers is heavy enough.

3 size

such as your customers love baby a little, but there is hope can receive, then you can use in the design of outstanding large and small contraction time.

4 feel

often take things in his hand, very particular about the handle, such as wearable devices.

5 color

millet why launch a number of color shell, because girls like! If you belong to the high-end audience, it is necessary to black and white classic, if you like the audience fancy, then colorful bar!

6 flavor

before the melon seeds have only one kind of taste, then the cream, salty is to differentiate.


everyone in the promotion of apple and millet borderless design, which is the charm of design.

8 functional creativity

for example, to increase the power of the mobile spray function, both to recharge the phone, but also when the beauty of the sprayer!

9 product structure

product structure diversification, but also one of the differences.

10 segment

ZANK, for example, a gay dating APP.

11 new technology

nano technology, do not know if someone used a nano toothbrush does not

when I first heard this nano toothbrush, I bought one.

12 to solve consumer pain points

simple wardrobe before assembly is very troublesome, for at least 10 minutes as well, and in accordance with the very trouble, then someone from the concept of folding chair developed a folding wardrobe, 1 minutes assembled, a good solution to the consumer pain point, selling very hot.

13 company strength

such as: China’s leading brand, the first sales of the whole network.

14 brand story

A story of

company can be a good communication concept, such as Liebo



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