The media NetEase deputy editor in chief Yang Binbin the arrival of partner Media Era

NetEase in 2016 was active, at present, NetEase platform has 150 thousand high-quality NetEase settled, the average daily contribution of more than 60%. As the content of iteration when the wind blows · 2017 new list of conference invited guests, media NetEase deputy editor in chief Yang Binbin do entitled "arrival" partner media era theme speech.

Yang Binbin a comprehensive introduction to the NetEase media in the field of content creation thinking, layout. In his view, based on the common value of cognition, interest relations, ecological partners to build a media era has arrived. NetEase hopes that through the internal partner (Studio) and external partners (NetEase, live PGC) mechanism, in the era of partner media evolved into a variety of big NetEase".

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Yang Binbin, deputy editor in chief of NetEase

The leader of

NetEase as Chinese Internet portal, founder of mobile client information, is now the main participants of intelligent content distribution, some views are very pleased to be able to communicate with everybody on contents of iteration, the platform upgrade, ecological reconstruction.

two basic industry proposition

some time ago, I and my two old leaders, but also very respected media leaders have had exchanges. One is the original Southern Newspaper Group, Mr. Fan Yijin, a founder of the new media, Ms. Hu Shuli. In exchange, they have two words left a deep impression on me:

is a word old fan said, "now the contents of entrepreneurs, if it is to cash flow as a business model, all the problems encountered in the traditional media, you will face, to solve", this is the first sentence.

another sentence is Ms. Hu Shuli said, she said: now since the media age, commercialism has become the mainstream market, and she praised the professionalism is to leave. She is worried about the situation.

these two words, in fact, point out the content of the industry’s most basic proposition:

1 how to ensure the quality of content and how to ensure stable and sustainable production?

2 to find their own users and how to find the user after the realization of


the past two years, great changes have taken place in China media industry, technology changes the media form, change the mode of production and distribution form, content provides entrepreneurial opportunities for more people, but more than two basic propositions through the content industry; new productivity, forced production the relationship must be adjusted accordingly.


NetEase have their own views on these two issues. On the one hand, NetEase uphold the attitude of the media concept. The essence of attitude, in fact, is to encourage independent thinking, not blindly. We believe that independent thinking is the first step to ensure the quality of content, but also a good starting point for content. As the most Chinese


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