Six years after the group really want to quit the stage of history

When the tide swept the world

group purchase, handle network founder Wu Bo and full network founder Feng Xiaohai has not said the group purchase mode to commodity based long-term, should be the core mode of group purchase services and online and offline resources combination. And a few years later, the line collection of online services as the main model of the O2O but let the traditional sense of the group to buy a few die.


the message said recently, with the combined beauty group comment, the merchant group purchase requirements become more "harsh", wedding, catering, massage, foot massage, KTV, Manicure, hairdressing, fitness clubs, and other industries by U.S. businesses are required to pay 5000 yuan for the comment amount to 20000 yuan / years slotting fees, some industries still need thousands of dollars and bundled merchant promotion fee. In addition, the United States mission to comment on the proportion of these industries will be pumping from the merger before the 1%-6% upgrade to 10%-15%, some of the original group pumping ratio of 12%-15% of the industry, has also been raised to 15%-18%.

this, the United States responded that the group is in a comprehensive user experience and habits of consumption, business interests, industry norms, to make the normal business adjustment." For individual sales to take a ‘compulsory fees, otherwise the shelf’ situation, has been the United States mission to resolutely put an end to the public comment, but also the highest cost of said."

is a United States Corporation insiders told the Tencent said: "science and technology for the American mission, to group purchase will become the norm, the user relationship accumulated in the group purchase line will be shifted to the U.S., cat movies and many other sub brands in O2O."

this means that the industry will buy the last heavyweight players will gradually give up this field.

to buy accelerated

group purchase story begins in the spring of 2010, in just a few years, it has experienced the development of group purchase capital darling, thousands of war, IPO crashed, the capital of winter, cuts off station, the rise of mobile and so on a series of roller coaster, this industry from a single independent station network group purchase of the original situation began to increase to the electricity supplier the site of the group purchase channels and composite group purchase transaction platform of multi format coexist.

time to 2015, the group began to upgrade the industry to upgrade the concept of O2O, O2O’s spring breeze to include food takeaway, movies, hotels, including many segments. Especially in the food and beverage industry, after the emergence of Baidu takeaway, hungry and so on the breakdown of the field of food and beverage products, the original Buy mode caused a strong impact.

transformation is imperative, in 2015, the United States Mission comments, glutinous rice and other high-profile buy site announced restructuring, the main idea is to buy. According to reports, the so-called group purchase is not to completely abandon the group purchase business, but gradually step down as one of the group purchase mode of local life service consumption patterns, the original business upgrade to integrated O2O service provider.

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