Mom, the crazy burn cost

just started from last year when Ali mother is on the viral campaign and crazy burn behavior. Won the favor of the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster. This stage is undoubtedly Ali mother was very popular. But there is such a large Alibaba do strong backing to ensure credibility, as well as Alipay’s support, it can be said that from the reputation is no alliance can the enemy. No wonder attracted thousands of small and medium-sized webmaster to join. It can also be said that at that time Ali mother has created an unprecedented prosperity it!

can be at the same time, Ali mother had to face the problem of cheating. You know, Ali, but the mother of the zoo at that time (this is the fact that we do not hide). Some of the people who do Ali Ali mother did indeed get a huge profit from Ali mother cheated. So these owners in the taste of sweetness or see others tasted the sweetness of the project will be crazy after the vigorous development. A passionate time. Brush brush brush flow of the Union have turned to Ali mother. Why? Early explanation is that Ali mother not K, because we all know that the mom in the burn. So crazy to surprise you. But there know. With Ali mother burn behavior gradually end. And Ali’s mother began to realize the problem. We all know that Ali’s mother will be K. Ali mother is not gentle. But this time, Ali’s mother is not so much the majority of people still, as always, with the lucky psychology to continue their career. But Ali’s mother is not as they wish. Still gradually strict. Till now. Crazy K out of countless numbers and freeze a lot of people’s income. Up to now is estimated by the K should be as much as seventy percent of it (this figure is I go through all of my group of Statistics)

above is a simple overview of Ali’s mother to today. Now let’s look at why this happens. China’s national conditions, I think we all know. Chinese cheating is the most famous in the world. If someone is willing to send money, how can they refuse?. Why do people cheat more than Google ads because of the temptation of the dollar so Ali mother I dare not say that the price is at least his model and his early tolerance and relaxation. But Ali’s mother has not found a good solution to the problem. But it is still the same today. So now a lot of people have given up on him because he can’t cheat. It can be said that the alliance is supported by the people who cheat. Don’t think I’m exaggerating, but it’s true. If you can’t cheat once the income is high, who will be willing to do K. Or there are very few people who have not been K has also been a lot of profit. But I believe most people cheat. Not to make any money is the vast majority. Now most of the people are gone.

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