How to say goodbye to the electricity supplier barbaric growth bustling conceal predicament

Li Jing

double eleven shopping Carnival staged a mad alternative Chinese electricity supplier. Squeezed paralysis of online banking, "critical" express company, the end of 2012 the price war in the preheating after more than a month, finally hot debut. From the major electricity supplier platform data show that the price war known as the strongest battle in history".

It is reported that

, the number of electronic business platform this year war has increased to 10, almost all of the major domestic electricity supplier platform, in addition to Tmall, Jingdong, Gome online mall,, Amazon, shop No. 1, Chinese easy fast network, have joined. Among them, the Jingdong’s "Desert Storm" for a month; online cooperation, launched the "three days Super zero yuan purchase plan; Gome online mall is a" inclusive plan "; Tmall mall, 11 day delivery to charter, first world order, consumers in second days can receive the goods. Han Depeng, general manager of the United States online mall evaluation of this round of price war, said, for the electricity supplier, the price is to provide consumers with a necessary and basic services. The real price should be normalized and the entire network, there is a lot of electricity providers engaged in a price war limited promotion, have been "cattle" bought re sold to consumers, and even the formation of the cattle industry circle, the real consumers do not get benefits."

yes, people care providers lose money and earn how long it can last. After all, the "plight bustling double eleven price war" is to conceal the electricity supplier. Price war, marketing war, the scale of the route, for the user, grab traffic, homogenization of electricity providers into a vicious competition. Han Depeng has deep feelings about this, the electricity supplier in the final analysis is the retailer, not just flicker, we are not doing entertainment. When to return to the nature of business, live and live well, and continue to provide really good products and services. At that time, the electricity supplier industry will have hope."

in fact, the electricity supplier for the quagmire of deep losses, the double eleven is the last chance of sprint in the year. But this ongoing price war is likely to bring electricity supplier into the ‘do not sell’ dead end. The electricity supplier price war as one falls, another rises into the exhausted high quantity, negative profit, loss of the cycle. Wang Hanhua, former president of Amazon China, said in the evaluation of the electricity supplier infighting, said: now the e-commerce bubble too much, there will be a number of businesses in the bubble generated dead." And Han Depeng analogy, it’s like a rally, who lost the most, most bleeding, who will die first. Those who fail to become electricity providers, or hematopoietic, or die.

price war and survival crisis

"don’t sleep, don’t take a shower can also stick to stealing money, grab, grab; performance." This is a business in the "double eleven" swearing employees chanting slogans, the company immediately entered the 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, staff on the table an ample supply of coffee, instant noodles, Red Bull, completely riveting enough effort, ready to make a big fight. As one of the most vigorous war on the electronic business platform in 2012, "double eleven" >


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