MT Mobile jurisprudence was effectively screened to shield 22 thousand jurisprudence site

28, November last year, starting from October, the ministry launched the work of the management of mobile phone pornography. The Ministry of communication development division director Zhang Feng said today, as of the end of September this year, the grim situation of mobile phone jurisprudence has been effectively curbed. Three operators have shut down the website does not record the more than 3 thousand, and on the outside of the site of the 22 thousand jurisprudence screened. At the same time, CNNIC stop parsing 636 thousand domain names, and stop jurisprudence domain name resolution of the 5200.

Zhang Feng said that at present, the second phase ministry remediation special action pornographic mobile phone has ended, in the joint efforts of various units under the severe situation of mobile phone jurisprudence has been curbed, the basic means of Internet management has been strengthened, the public opinion environment has also been improved.

at the same time he introduced three basic telecommunications companies for the five key areas involved in the yellow have been established normalization monitoring. First, a comprehensive suspension of Internet channel business marketing cooperation. Two strict implementation of the site does not record access, access to the site has been the implementation of strict information security management. By the end of September, three basic telecom companies to access the 1 million 785 thousand sites to conduct a comprehensive investigation, the closure of more than 3 thousand sites without registration, the test report or found 22 thousand overseas jurisprudence site shielding. Three is the establishment of the daily supervision means of sublease, three basic telecom enterprises a comprehensive investigation by the 743 access service provider access, found on the 89 layers of sublease problems to be repaying. Four, strictly regulate the Internet mobile phone charges, the three basic telecom enterprises of all mobile phone charges on behalf of the signing of 1915 partners for each inventory of processes are not standardized, the qualification problem of 237 enterprises access to return. Five, the full implementation of the domain name real name registration, the full application of the new domain name registration. The registered domain name CNNIC to complete a comprehensive inventory of information, verification of the authenticity of the domain name for a total of 4 million 686 thousand. Pause analysis refused to submit the real name verification materials CN domain name 462 thousand, stop the analysis of the domain name is not recorded 636 thousand, stop jurisprudence domain name resolution of 5200.


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