Yang Pei grass roots after 80 capitalists

Shanghai 2008-04-09 (China Newswire) — 80, new venture capital investors…… These last year in the venture capital industry caused a great disturbance, attracted many of the media coverage of the term I believe we are not unfamiliar, mention blue ocean venture people should know, is not a few, but the mention of Yang Pei’s 80 involved in venture capital emerging capital strength, many people feel some strange.

once a game master turned today’s business elite, a former entrepreneur into the capital of the new star, it is difficult for people to use normal thinking to understand.

He is

(www.u2ipo.com), the founder of the blue ocean venture capital investments director Yang Pei, as the youngest director of Chinese investment fund, Yang Pei has to be paid special attention to the folk capital.

investment and financing platform – service gold digger

Yang Peifang said to the blue ocean venture into the country’s largest investment and financing platform, why choose to do such a platform, Yang Pei said, this is the choice of the time, he just go.

Yang Pei believes that the country is now vigorously support entrepreneurship, the upcoming entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are the population size of nearly 10 million, is very large, but only hundreds of investors from overseas venture capitalists, simply can not meet the demand of domestic investment projects.

at the same time, a large number of domestic private enterprises have completed the capital accumulation, destined to find a breakthrough, equity investment is the most suitable areas". These companies such as Shanda, Baidu, through equity investment in the overseas market, won dozens of times, hundreds of times in return for private investors, which has a great attraction, but just the rise of this industry in the country, they do not know the specific operation, and overseas investment have experience, but also the need for a localization in the process, so they are eager to seek cooperation of domestic investment institutions.

"it’s just like the gold rush in the west, not every gold digger can dig gold. But we have to provide a service platform for more people to dig gold, hope that through our efforts to achieve the purpose of helping entrepreneurship, service investment." At present, blue ocean venture capital has helped a lot of private venture capital institutions and investors to enter the field of venture capital, for many projects to provide access to private equity investment opportunities.

80 after what success

as a former entrepreneur, Yang Pei almost every day to get in contact with thousands of entrepreneurs, they think a like Baidu search engine is very simple, but ignore the small window behind Baidu hundreds of programmers hard, with the result that many people become martyrs in the entrepreneurial road, "young business people need to overcome the impetuous".

in the process of entrepreneurship in the 1980s, Yang Pei also attaches great importance to the setback experience, "because you have a good time and no time to encounter setbacks, cognitive level, resistance are different,"


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