nterpretation of the industry Double 11 shopping discount voice who is the ultimate winner

[cause of formation]

just fill the empty derivative

"was originally a single day in campus, once only spread in young people with ridicule the nature of the festival, now fierce war in Chinese major shopping sites under the guidance, has evolved into a large number of participation in the crazy shopping festival, this is actually a deeper reason." Associate Professor, School of business, Yangzhou University, Huang Jie analysis, the most basic needs of two people, one is emotional needs, the other is the material needs.

"obviously, for young single men and women, the former can not be met, at this time the shrewd business to see the business opportunities: the material to fill the emotional gap. In fact, the effect is good for singles beyond all expectations, the group is mainly young people, is a kind of crowd, the most purchasing power and most of the impulse to buy." Huang Jie said.

"is actually a wish to make a wish to process, finally hit it off." Huang Jie said that the network is convenient, quick, but also to promote such a day which does not exist today the holiday into great in strength and impetus "Shopping Festival", "chowhound day" important reasons.




seize the sales momentum in advanceThe

store is actually belongs to the passive fight, stepping back, if there is no online shop to hit, the store will not join the war, because of the cost factors, the line PK line is not wise, the rent in this piece, the cost is much higher under the line." Huang Jie said, the store is forced to join.

he cited an example, last year’s double eleven day, sales amounted to about 10000000 Disha doll shop. "The amazing number of store bigwigs to form a huge impact, also let a lot of store retailers envy." Huang Jie said, double eleven this time period for the seller, is an important time node, equal to the Department of the industry sounded the pioneer season sales.

According to the traditional sales

node, the winter and the new year and the Spring Festival is the three wave of sales peak, generally speaking, one season to buy things on a budget, are relatively stable. Taobao, Jingdong and other network operators to choose at this time "angry", the consumer demand is concentrated in the online store, if not catch, and to make corresponding strategic adjustments, it is likely that the entire winter sales do not go on.

line for profit, the line dumped inventory

in the short term, whether it is a shop, or the store is the winner." Huang Jie believes that in the "double eleven" promotion, shop for consumers is the biggest attraction bargains with the store full of gifts or buy a gift is not the same as given in the shop price discount is the real price.

is also the promotion, the store’s profits must be greater than the store. For the store, to participate in the "double eleven" business, the biggest advantage of.


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