Decline of these old gun son why go but the time

recently, NetEase forum announced that: due to the needs of the development of the media business NetEase, we have to regret to inform you that the forum will be held in October 19, 2016 NetEase service."


at the same time, NetEase said that before the official stop the service, will provide a collection of memories collection service, can be a key to download each user’s personal articles and historical collections. For after 70 and 80, the forum has hosted, but full of youth.

coincidentally, bearing 70, 80 youth one from Saipan era came to the music player every day sounds, also announced the termination of service.

from glory to another rout, TTPOD and NetEase forum eventually could not through their prehistoric times.

open NetEase forum, we can find the latest hot sticking time is still fixed in August, content is Ningma high-speed toll, the application for extension of the disclosure of personal information and how to control some sports news and so on, the thread is scanty.

back PC years ago, the era of popular social networking tools have been touted by some senior forum, the most enthusiastic fans, when once a day almost ten hours in various forums. And now, when most people are immersed in the mobile phone and the social circle of friends, the forum has become an indisputable fact.

and another forum giant – Tianya community. It’s not a good day. With the rise of micro-blog, WeChat and other new media platforms, you already no longer brilliant, even heard of the "3 year loss of 1 hundred million news. The community is not going to play if you start to learn watercress transformation, set up the future horizon television studio, in the future, the South Silver serial murder murder case as the representative of the "end of the world ten big unsolved crime suspense movie adaptation. But the road movie is not easy, you can walk through the throes of transition is still unknown.

In contrast to other domestic

forum, Phoenix Forum, Daqi, community the once very popular forum, but also shut down the decline of the decline. 2012, CNNIC released the twenty-ninth China Internet development statistics report shows that BBS users were about one trillion and forty million, the growth rate was negative. Now, BBS winter is coming, spring is a long.

however, towards the end of the same product is TTPOD abandoned, although some users to think of that lost youth, but then, they will quietly open some easy, a news music player.

2009, TTPOD users exceeded ten million; in 2011 exceeded fifty million; in 2012 exceeded one hundred million; in June 2013 exceeded 2 hundred million, the wild era overlord, when cool dog music software did not slow to God, we firmly.


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