The blog income almost inaccessible unsuccessful placement attempts to profit

on Wednesday, and a press about Chinese beauty Internet industry revenue model lack of status is too dependent on advertising revenue, small website is almost inaccessible to the revenue.


the vast majority of sites rely on advertising revenue

I told her that the China Internet is still not out of a few years ago, rely on advertising the basic profit model — grassroots webmaster Google AdSense make a few knife advertising, basic mode with sun income, not only the network brand so big, even some blog daily visits only tens of IP, but all the pages covered with exaggerated advertising.


from Baidu Scindapsus algorithm just on the line is remarkable, Baidu hit early trading link is not news, Google, Baidu clearly increase the link trading crackdown, but from the sale of links is more conspicuous to buy home link more covert sale "soft link" that "content is meaningless with keywords" (no value link voting situation is recommended).

even more sad is that more small sites rely on search engines to import traffic or to sell advertising. If not from the source to solve the China Internet industry "how revenue" the fundamental problem, it is difficult to prohibit the sale link, Baidu Scindapsus algorithm (whose name shows Baidu Internet Ecological Planning intentions) to "purify the network environment, it is difficult to achieve the original intention to advocate quality content".

on this point, Baidu web search in February has announced the "2013 Chinese website development report" and "green" in the algorithm online bulletin paradox related argument, embodies the overall domestic community website operation income is difficult embarrassment: "2013 Baidu Chinese website operation trends report" suggested: "web site operators at present there are many website advertising form large advertising popups, seriously affect the user reading the advertisement, these will bring serious damage to the user experience, suggest webmaster in these ads get control, maintain cleanliness and good user experience page".

This shows that

is not sustainable with more and more advertising revenue model "– each website advertising is limited, it is difficult to imagine a full variety of advertising pages will obtain users praise — whether you content (service) how good, too far, not overdo sth. is always impassable bottom — at the beginning of 2012, Google also remind web site operators" excessive advertising effect "user experience".

Baidu "green" a "algorithm for on-line announcement site there are many kinds of profits, the quality of the original content to attract users is fixed, the introduction of high-quality advertising resources, and even hold offline activities" is too limited to advertising revenue model, which from another level proved embarrassing situation China Internet revenue weakness the.

the more I talked, the more I went on: even the country


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