Talk about doing a small number of complaints electricity supplier

although online shopping has become very common. But as a person who had wanted to do some time ago electricity supplier, in fact, do not so good Taobao shop.

first, the reason for the choice of Taobao, is nothing more than two: first, more users; two, free settled, no transaction pumping.

but I have my shortcomings. Supply, I have a friend made a small electronic products brand, the brand of their own, but he is looking for OEM products factory. Although the agent is given to me, and not limited to the number of. But I looked at the Alibaba. And ex factory price is still a little gap, of course, there is a minimum number of delivery of Alibaba, and the quality can not be guaranteed. But I looked at a lot of Taobao products and goods are similar to Alibaba, and the price seems to be cheaper. My friend’s goods may be of good quality, but the price is not dominant. Seen in this light, just like a few years ago, when Taobao, from wholesalers to do some goods and then sold to Taobao is not feasible. Unless your product is unique or unique to you. Of course, false, concealed, and even the fuzzy resort to deceit said on the other, this is a lot of digging to the first pot of gold. I may not know is better or more timid, ruthless not to engage in these false, so did not engage in Taobao.

look again, in fact, Taobao second is not really how. Because now many stores that although in theory there is no settled cost and sell pumped into, but a new store to get traffic from Taobao, is to let Taobao users find your store in the Taobao online store, and participate in various activities, do not have to pay to participate in a variety of promotion. Unless the customer direct search your name, otherwise the customer in the search product, difficult to search your product. No wonder Wu Xiaobo said that Taobao is now making a lot of money, but Taobao’s business to make money is not much, Taobao’s general merchandise, such as clothing, mobile phones, small appliances, etc.. 80% of the customers are concentrated in the Tmall store (like Taobao into Tmall, another 15% free) concentrated in the Taobao gold shop. Only a few scattered buyers will buy other small shops. However, there are a lot of other small and medium-sized shops.

Taobao is not a simple and simple Taobao, in the era of graphic video, art, customer service has been an ordinary product store is indispensable. Just think, whether it is their own or outsourcing, how much the cost of these people. There is promotion expenses, whether it is for Taobao to provide preferential promotion, to provide a certain amount of product, 1 yuan auction, probation (these are hard put, can not be recovered, the equivalent of advertising), or other social media, Internet marketing, promotion of various groups, word-of-mouth marketing promotion. Whether it is their own or ask someone else to do, or cost. Moreover, Taobao is shielded from the acquisition of Baidu, that is, Baidu is not listed Taobao store or Taobao products. Only the name, and then let the user name in Taobao search. You can’t push the product unless it’s unique


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